How to Sow Small Seeds

Cut some wooden garden cane or dowel to the size of a pencil and sharpen it, ready for the next job…sowing your seeds!


Some seeds are minute and it can be hard to separate them, giving them enough space to germinate and grow. Chis Howell has a handy tip to help you out….


Sow Small Seeds Tips

  • Firstly, sharpen your cane with a pencil sharpener


  • Next, soak it in some water and make sure you’ve got your compost at the ready. Top tip: ensure that the wood has soaked up as much as it can before you use it.


  • Now, use the wood to pick up your seeds and evenly place them on top of the soil, giving them a good amount of space between each other. Ensure the soil is pre-watered as dry compost will stick to the wood


  • You are now ready to cover your seeds, water them and place them at the required temperature.


Sowing them evenly will make it easier to prick out your seedlings when they are big enough


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