Viburnum setigerum var. sulcatum

Plant of the month: November

Viburnum seligerum var subcatum

Viburnum setigerum var. sulcatum is a member of the Adoxaceae family and can be found in the Pinetum.

Discovered in 1901 in China by EH Wilson, it is an attractive shrub throughout the year, its leaves constantly change colour eventually ending in shades of orange and red. Its white summer flowers are followed by noticeable clusters of bright red berries which are toxic and should not be eaten.

This shrub gets to about 3 metres tall with a lax growth habit, ending up as a multi-stemmed shrub.

It will grow in all soil types and prefers full sun but will tolerate some shade and it requires no regular pruning.

Unfortunately the Viburnum beetle can turn its leaves to lacy filigree if they find the bush.