Rosa ‘Scarborough Fair’

Plant of the month: July

Rosa 'Scarborough Fair'

July is a great time to visit the rose garden. Thanks to a regular feeding regime and the recent abundance of rain, the newly replanted rose beds are now awash with deliciously scented blooms.

Among them is the exquisite Rosa ‘Scarborough Fair‘. Whilst not as showy as some of its peers, this shrub rose is nevertheless full of understated charm.

The delicate cupped flowers, reminiscent of the finest china, have elegant petals of lovely blush pink gradually fading to pure white. This virtually problem-free rose produces an abundance of flowers all the way into autumn: the semi double blooms have a pleasant light scent and reveal their golden stamens, making them a haven for bees!

It would be easy to overlook this dainty rose next to its full-bloomed neighbours. The stunning Rosa ‘Munstead Wood‘ and ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles‘ can be found close by, so if you walk past make sure to stop and give the Scarborough Fair a glance – you’ll be pleased that you did!