Scarecrow Garden

The Scarecrow Garden is a partnership garden with Birmingham Metropolitan College staff and students.

Adjacent to the Gardens’ nursery this area is used for growing vegetables as ‘theatre’; they are grown for dramatic effect, with huge sunflowers and walking stick cabbages. To the rear of there is a sculpted bench carved from a fallen oak tree. In the year 2000 a time capsule was buried, to be opened in 2100. There is a Decaisnea fargesii planted in the area, commonly known a ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’ because the seed pods are long blue and very squishy when ripe.

An edible hedge was planted in March 2013 as part of the BigDig campaign; the fruits and nuts can be foraged just as you would a hedge in the countryside. Make sure you take a look at the Scaredy-cat scarecrow, created by our imaginative gardeners.