Schizanthus pinnatus ‘Hit Parade’

Plant of the month: April

Schizanthus 'Hit Parade'

Also Known As: poor man’s orchid / butterfly flower

Native To: Chile

Blooms: late winter and spring

Habitat: Low altitude coasts and coastal mountains, interior valleys

Where Found: Mediterranean House


Schizanthus are commonly known as ‘poor man’s orchids’, as the multi-coloured flowers resemble miniature orchids, but can be grown from seed at a fraction of the price.

They grow to between 30 and 50 cm tall and flower colours include red, pink, purple or white often with central, contrasting markings. Schizanthus are annuals or biennials and were very popular during the Victorian Era, but became unfashionable in the 20th century. We sow our seed in October to ensure flowering plants in April.