Eucryphia glutinosa

Plant of the month: August

Eucryphia glutinosa

Eucryphia glutinosa is a member of the family Eucryphiaceae and can be found at the base of the American Bank.

This is the hardiest of all the eucryphias from Chile and is incredibly showy. For a tree the flowers are huge, up to 6cm across! They are white with a large number of red stamens in the middle and are a sight to behold from July until September.

This eucryphia is usually evergreen in its native Chile and it can sometimes retain its leaves in this country. If it does lose its leaves they will turn orange and red in the autumn. It requires a sheltered position in moist soil and it is recommended that its roots are shaded from hot sun.

Eucryphia glutinosa can grow up to 10 metres in height with a spread of 6 metres and also carries a light fragrance.