Gardeners’ Blog – July 2018

This month, in the glorious sunshine, the outdoor team have been making hay from cuttings of the long grass, where all the daffodils were frolicking earlier in the year. Enough time has now passed for the daffodil foliage to die down and absorb as much energy as possible for next year’s flowers, meaning we could cut down the grass with strimmers.

Gardeners' Blog - July 2018


The team have also been busy making sure that all of the newly planted, tender perennials and bedding plants have been kept well-watered in the hot, dry spells that we have been experiencing. On the other hand, it has been perfect growing weather for our sub-tropical plants.


Moreover, as mentioned in the last blog, the Trails Garden has now been transformed with cannas and salvias, which will continue to bloom until the first frosts. Dahlias have also been planted along the length of the Loudon terrace and will keep on flowering until we have to remove them to plant the winter bedding plants. The Gardens are really coming alive with new plants and colours!


Over the next few weeks the gardeners will start the endless task of hedge cutting, and there are a lot of hedges around the gardens to trim! This task normally takes a huge amount time and will continue into late autumn and early winter.


In addition, you’ll be pleased to know that all the pruning and feeding has paid off in the Rose Garden, which has looked fabulous this year. Regular deadheading from now on will hopefully encourage them to produce a second flush of flowers over the next few months. The team have also tried planting a couple of different salvias cultivars within the Rose Garden as a trial to see if it will reduce pests and diseases in the area, as well as extending their season. We will let you know how we get on.


The indoor team will be busy this month keeping the glasshouses tidy and the Butterfly House in tip-top condition in time for the summer holidays. In fact, the Butterfly House really hits its peak in July, now that the butterfly bush (buddleja) is in flower. Their honey scented flowers are full of nectar, and butterflies just absolutely love it!


Lastly, the propagation of indoor plants from seeds and cuttings will continue in the nursery throughout the summer, helping to stock the glasshouses with new plants for next year.


Gardeners' Blog - July 2018